Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Quick & Easy Air-Fried/Pan-Fried Chicken Wings

Quick & Easy Air-Fried/Pan-Fried Chicken Wings!

My busy work life resumed after I got back to work. Few times a week, my meetings will end late at 7-8 p.m., or later. I guess the dilemma for most working wives/moms is common - to cook or not to cook!

I have to avoid eating out too often due to my medical condition. Preparing quick and easy dishes are essential. Better still, if I can prep the same recipe enough for few meals! I am sharing one of my 'busy wife's' methods to prepare a quick and delicious 15-minute dish.

I bought a whole pack of frozen chicken wingettes from supermarket. This bag contained 38 pieces of chicken wingettes. I washed them all with running water first.
Add 1 to 2 tsp salt on the wings and spread evenly. Leave them alone for few minutes. The salt would kind of remove the "frozen" smell from the wings when cooked.
Wash every piece of wing in running water thoroughly before tossing them into a pot for marinating.
Marinate the wings with 1 to 2 tsp of salt (depending on the number of wings you have), 1-2 tbsp of soya sauce, white pepper and 1 to 2 tbsp sesame oil.
It is important to choose the right sesame oil. Some brands are just unable to produce a nice fragrance. I am perfectly happy with mine. 
Leave the marinated wings alone for 20 minutes.
Then, re-pack marinated wings into various bags (based on the number of wings that's required for each meal). This will make cooking quick and easy, especially when rushing. For me, 38 pieces of wingettes are enough to last me many meals!
I am kinda OCD. I want everything nicely packed and stored. Therefore, I'll arrange the bags of marinated wings into freezer-friendly storage boxes. Otherwise, it's alright to just dump the bags into the freezer.
That's how I store the marinated wings in my freezer.
So, I'll remove one bag from the freezer when I need to cook. It doesn't matter that I do not have sufficient time for defrosting. I'll still dump the wings into my Air Pot or Frying Pan when I rush home from work.
The beauty of using an Air Pot is the elimination of cooking oil usage. Turn on the Air Pot till 200 degrees celsius and let it cook for 12 to 15 minutes (depending on size of wings, it will take another few minutes if the wings are still frozen). Add a tbsp of cooking oil into frying pan if pan-frying instead. Fry until wings turn golden brown and cooked.
Ready to serve! That's how quick, easy and yummy it is! No hassles the next time I want chicken wings on my dining table...I still have many bags waiting in the freezer!


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